Bruce Scott

Head Pastor
I would like to personally welcome you to First Baptist Church of West Danby. As you worship with us I trust that you will find a warm welcome and a measure of encouragement. It is our intention to reach out to every person in our church family for the purpose of meeting needs physically, emotionally and spiritually. In our church family we celebrate God’s presence through Worship, we incorporate God’s people into our Fellowship. We educate God’s people through Discipleship, we communicate God’s Word through Evangelism, and we demonstrate God’s love through Service. “We believe a great commitment to the commands of Christ will build a great church.

Jackson Garrell

Associate Pastor
Jackson Garrell has just joined our church from Sanford, North Carolina. He serves as the Youth and Associate Pastor. Jackson has worked in student ministry in Illinois, New York, China, and North Carolina. He has spent the last four years as an evangelist, college recruiter, and Youth Pastor. He graduated with honors from Davis College with a Bachelors in Religious Education with a concentration in youth ministries. Jackson is convinced that the key to a successful youth ministry is to empower the students to fall in love with their future and embrace their passions. He strives to do that as our youth pastor — meeting students where they are and showing them where God is taking them. He embraces a philosophy that the youth are not the church of tomorrow, but the church of today.