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A Beka Book Curriculum (K2-K4)

The basic building blocks of A Beka Curriculum is an excellent phonics program used to develop excellent early reading skills. At Grace, we begin the program at the 2/3 year level with vowel and consonant sounds and recognition of lower and upper case letters.By K-4 the children have learned to blend phonic sounds, pronounce one and two vowel words and read through as many as 10 books.

The Curriculum teaches basic writing, language, and listening skills, and also includes color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners and science. By the end of K-4, the children have learned their numbers 1-100 along with basic addition facts.

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WEE Learn Curriculum (K2-K4)

WEE Learn is a weekday early education (WEE) program created by Life Way. It is designed to provide opportunities for children to learn about God’s world and how to live in it. The WEE Learn Curriculum includes activities and lessons that focus on pre-reading, pre-writing, and number skills plus development of phonological awareness.

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The Footsteps for Fours preschool curriculum presents interactive, hands-on learning. Daily math, phonics, and prereading lessons are interspersed with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting segments. The program also offers sections to challenge advanced learners.