At First Baptist, we believe growing people change. Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, you will always have a next step to take as you grow. As we think about going higher in our relationship with God, with other people, and in our impact on the world,we want to make it as easy as possible for you take your next step in following Jesus. We have spent hours and hours putting together a clear path to maturity in your relationship with God. We encourage you to identify where you are on this journey and to take your “next step”.

Salvation is the most important moment in any person’s life. It is the moment that the God of all creation enters into their lives and completely changes everything. God moves us from death to life in the moment of salvation. It may seem really complicated, but it is actually simple. God wants to be united with you, so he has given you the gift of salvation. Now it is just your job to reach out to God and take the gift that’s before you.
After you have experienced the miracle of salvation, it is time for you to tell people about it. The best way to do that is through baptism. Baptism is a symbolic, and a public celebration to tell the church about your new relationship with Christ. Which makes baptism one of the most meaningful next steps you can take. So to take this step please prayerfully consider contacting us. So that we may meet with you and see when you can take this step.
So you are ready to join Grace Chapel Church? If you have been saved and scripturally baptized, then you are ready to take this next step! Please use the Next Steps icon below to contact our staff and let them know you are ready to join and a meeting will be set up with you and the pastor to find out about the church’s history, vision, and mission. You will also be able to share more about you and your personal journey with Christ.
Serving God allows each of us to worship Him in a way that is as unique as we are. Applying the gifts that God has given us and allowing Him to work through us is an expression of our love to God and our gratitude to Jesus for saving us. We have the perfect example of a servant leader in Christ Jesus.
When we manage money God’s way, the results are life-changing. Is your next step tithing, giving more, budgeting, or financial help? Giving does not always mean God wants you to give your money. He might be asking you to give your time or even your talents to help expand his kingdom. Let’s get started and find out!
Are you praying and asking the Lord to lead you to the next step? Could it be full-time service? Could it be doing homeless ministry? Could it be teaching a class? Could it be doing missions work in another country? Whatever it is, the reality of that calling would involve you stepping out of your comfort zone.