Jesus was a natural storyteller and invites you into a powerful truth: you are called to tell your story.
Now, I think for a lot of us, our first instinct is to discredit our own story. We say things like “Oh, my story is not that interesting,” or “My life is too much of a mess for my story to help anyone.” Some might say, “I’m too embarrassed to share my story”. Whatever the reason, we try to discount the value of our story.
But, the Bible does not reinforce that sentiment. Our church sees the value in every individual story. We believe that every person has a story and every story matters to God.

Thus, we are asking you to share your story.

Do you have a story about God working in your life? We want to hear it. More importantly, others need to hear it.
our story is unique and important. It is evidence that the Creator of the universe is not distant and removed, but nearby and intimately involved in our lives. Some people need to be reminded of that, and some need to see it for the very first time.
To share your story, use the links below or contact the church office.

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